Monday, 28 January 2013

Theory of Origin


Genetic coding of the DNA is the major element for survival of Earth and living things. I think because the information in the DNA does not get lost easily even if entire life ended by a huge catastrophe on Earth, life would restart. Some DNA particles would be trapped within the very hard minerals and that always has a chance to come back to life. Unless the entire earth melts down, life would exist. This brings us to the purpose of evolution. It is not the survival of a species as commonly believed, but it is survival of the system.

The theory initially assumes a created existence of a galaxy and at least one planet with life. The original galaxy and the planet had the perfect optimal conditions for the balanced system to survive.  The theory has 3 major elements
             1.      Perfect Balance State within three systems:
a.       balanced structure within very tiny cells
b.       Balance on the planet
c.       Balance in the universe
2.   Balance Keepers: When the balanced condition changes the three balance keepers take actions.
a.      Life style: the way of how the ecologic system works to keep ecologic balance and also human’s way of life, if proper, can help the balance condition.
b.      Natural forces: when the balanced condition is disrupted, natural forces attempt to reverse the condition back to the balanced state by volcanoes, storms, winds and other natural events.
c.       Universal activities: if the balanced condition is damaged beyond repair by the first two balance keepers, a universal activity would be expected. This could be as severe as the destruction of the current planet totally and re-building balanced planet system.  An example for such event can be another planet or large meteor taking off its orbit and hitting to Earth. Once the planet together with all the life on it is destroyed, a new planet would be formed and life would emerge from the genetic codes hidden within tiny mineral particles. The evolution would start working to create the original creatures whose genetic codes were saved.  This is the life cycle of planets and fundamental life cycle of galaxies in the universe.  Just like living things, galaxies are born, live their life spans expanding and they eventually die out exploding.
              3.      Bond among livings:
a.      All living things are connected through the original DNA codes. 
b.      Evolution: different life forms can be formed from the same genetic code through Evolution.  Life starts as tiny micro-organisms and they evolve towards establishing the original lives that were once existed in the original balance system.  The purpose is to establish the optimal balance condition and to do that the same life forms are aimed to be regenerated through evolution process.  The priority is the survival of the system.
c.       Cycle of life: As one life is lost, it is merged with other life forms.  As it was once said “nothing can be destroyed and nothing can be created from nothing.”  If Einstein was right, how could a life be destroyed?


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