Friday, 25 January 2013

Risk of Monopoly - Free Market System

Once there was a happy town living an easy lifestyle in harmony and comfort. People could buy anything they needed in their town. When they went out for shopping, there were many shops to check around for quality and good price. They could also often get a bit of discount due to the competitive free market system in their town.
One day, a new shop opened in the town. It looked nice, with modern internal decorations. They had many varieties of products. The prices in this shop were very low, almost half the price of any other shop. People were wondering how this shop could afford to keep the prices so low. The curiosity created some doubts at first but the doubts just flitted through people’s mind in a short time. They quickly developed a habit of shopping in this shop. Success for this shop was imminent. Other shops could not compete with it, and they soon closed down one by one. The town’s farmers and small-scale producers who sold their products in other shops all went bankrupt. This new shop was bringing the goods from somewhere else out of the town, somewhere nobody knew. By time, there was no production in the town. This was the only shop for the residents. Gradually, the shop increased the prices. The prices eventually became much more expensive than what they used to pay before this shop had come. Since this was a free market system, there was nothing to do to change the conditions. They had to live with the consequences of their choices. Soon, the market stopped bringing the good quality items. Since this was the only shop in town, residents had no choice but pay the high price for the poor quality products. Most of these products wouldn't even find any customer for any price at other cities. For the residents of this town, it was not easy to go somewhere else for shopping because the closest town was five hundred miles away. The town got poorer, and their lifestyle turned in to misery while the unknown shop owner, or perhaps owners, got richer and richer in the ideal system called free market of the capitalism.
The system established in our societies around the world worked well, or so it seemed, for many years. Nobody imagined this could happen. One Evil Corporation wants to slay humans on Earth. Could it be predicted what the world would be like in the future? How many of us could imagine a civilization on a planet far away could manipulate us with our own systems, our own rules, laws on our own planet and change our lives completely. Everything we knew in life would change, perhaps would be lost forever before we even notice.

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