Saturday, 23 February 2013

Switzerland's only recorded wild bear has been culled

What a shame for humanity and what a terrible thing to do to kill the last surviving bear. Couldn't switzerland handle letting one bear live? This is a disgusting act.

A news from:

Switzerland'S only recorded wild bear has been culled after fears that it could pose a threat to humans.
The male bear, known as M13, was shot dead by wildlife rangers on Tuesday, said Adrian Aeschlimann, spokesman for the Federal Office for the Environment.
"The cull was carried out according to the management plan for bears in Switzerland," he said.
M13 lived in the mountainous Graubuenden region of eastern Switzerland, on the border with Italy, spending spring seasons in the Val Poschiavo.
The animal, which was around two years old, had repeatedly headed into inhabited areas to look for food and had even taken to following people.
In November 2012, the bear had already been considered problematic and placed on a behaviour-watch list, a step away from a cull order.
Before deciding they must kill the bear, Swiss rangers had attempted to increase its wariness of humans by firing rubber pellets and firecrackers.
M13 was the only survivor of a trio of cubs.
Its brothers, M12 and M14, died last year when they were hit by cars in Italy.
The three bears were part of a program in Italy's Trentino Alto Adige region to reintroduce an animal long wiped out by hunters.
The population on the Italian side of the border is now around 30.
The Swiss took the decision to shoot M13 after consulting Italian wildlife protection authorities.
Environmental campaigners WWF hit out at the decision to shoot M13.
They said it was natural for a bear that woke up from hibernation to head into the valley to look for food, and that it would have returned to the mountains as the weather improved.
In addition, with increasing maturity, M13 would have been likely to return to Italy to look for a mate, they said.


Friday, 15 February 2013

Asteroids - A Balancing Act of the Nature



Recent asteroid rains in Russia has injured many people.

The term nature in my view includes the structure of the entire universe, not only a planet's local activities and surroundings. Given the context of the nature, the movements of the planets, stars, and small meteors in the universe, weather conditions in any planet are considered as natural phenomena or natural events.

There was a strong purpose in natural events, and this purpose was to preserve and to protect the optimal balance state in the universe. For the nature, its purpose has always been the top priority, and anything else is the secondary in importance. In order to preserve the existence of the universe in the original state, the key has always been the optimal balance state in the universe, in the condition of the individual planets and stars.

Since the natural phenomena have the most crucial role to preserve the balance, it would be normal that the nature would have the super powers to perform and to serve for its own duty. Whenever there becomes a situation of imbalance or leading toward the imbalance, nature would take control by performing necessary actions, which could be very drastic for all creatures depending on the level of change in the balance. These actions could be as simple as just a few light rains or some snow, but they could also be strong storms, flooding, volcanic eruptions, large-scale freeze of open oceanic water, large scale melting of ice, or crashing large meteors and even planets to destroy and re-built the balance system. Natural events are like repairs and fixations for the problems. It is similar to human situation when one gets sick, needing a surgery, the person would go to the doctor and get surgery. We do that even if we often know it is a painful process, but it is necessary to reduce the pain in the long run and may even extend our life span. Natural events can also be painful and even disastrous for the locations that they occur, but it is a reformation process, fixation of a damaged part, and a refreshing action for the global balance.

Full explanation of theory, flaws in the theories of Big Bang and Evolution are in the Theory of Origin chapter in Puppet Corporation. 


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Nature's Rule: Action - Reaction



Nothing happens by chance just as nothing can be destroyed or be created from nothing.  Everything in the universe reverts back to the balance state; actions create reactions.  The Theory of Origin proposes that the original universe was in perfect, optimal balance condition.  Whenever the balance starts to change, nature uses its tools to fix or eliminate the problem, and to return to the original balance state.  Nature has powerful tools including the ones easily recognized by almost everyone, such as storms, volcanoes, floods, big fires, and many others.  In addition to those, it also has universal superpowers that are considered as, one in a billion chance events in the scientific environment, an event not likely to happen in our lifetime.  For example, large meteors crush each other to establish reformation of the original balance state when the balance is disturbed so much that it is no longer possible to fix it by the nature’s localized tools.  This is similar to a human’s life; when a problem in our body occurs in advance stage, sometimes surgery can be the only way for us to eliminate the problem.  We would have it willingly to get ourselves back to the healthy state no matter how painful the procedure is.
       In the Theory of Origin, the well-known big bang theory was considered as an event for forming new solar systems, perhaps, a new universe to form smaller parts of a huge universe but not the original universe.  The original universe had the energy to create the big bang events, the energy sourced from the natural events within the universe.  Giant planets can crush each other with incredibly strong speed and huge forces, creating enormous energy to cause such events of the big bang in different locations to form different universes within the universe.


Thursday, 31 January 2013




Humans are considered most intelligent, which is hard to justify by unbiased facts. If we are so intelligent, how come we work so hard to destroy the only planet that we can survive on. We are destroying ecological balance:

  1. by over-populating and taking other species space 
  2. by directly killing other creatures, which destroys the ecological balance;
  3. by destroying the balance on Earth's atmosphere with a lot of Carbon-dioxide.
  4. by destroying the chemistry of Earth itself through technology and massive scale mining. 

Technological developments are considered intelligence, but each technological development contributes to Earth's destruction. As the balance on and around the planet is destroyed, planet itself will eventually have to die out. Or perhaps Earth would be destroyed by the natural forces. This is inevitable to re-establish a different planet with more balanced environment if the balance is damaged in a level that it can no longer be fixed by the natural forces on Earth, which are the local tools in the universe to keep the balance. 

There has to be an original balance state in the universe and as the balance condition changes, the forces of the nature acts to bring the balance back. This may often mean destruction and re-formation of living things, which may take some millions of years; 

Universal - life - cycle is a necessary process to move towards the original optimal balance condition



Monday, 28 January 2013

Theory of Origin


Genetic coding of the DNA is the major element for survival of Earth and living things. I think because the information in the DNA does not get lost easily even if entire life ended by a huge catastrophe on Earth, life would restart. Some DNA particles would be trapped within the very hard minerals and that always has a chance to come back to life. Unless the entire earth melts down, life would exist. This brings us to the purpose of evolution. It is not the survival of a species as commonly believed, but it is survival of the system.

The theory initially assumes a created existence of a galaxy and at least one planet with life. The original galaxy and the planet had the perfect optimal conditions for the balanced system to survive.  The theory has 3 major elements
             1.      Perfect Balance State within three systems:
a.       balanced structure within very tiny cells
b.       Balance on the planet
c.       Balance in the universe
2.   Balance Keepers: When the balanced condition changes the three balance keepers take actions.
a.      Life style: the way of how the ecologic system works to keep ecologic balance and also human’s way of life, if proper, can help the balance condition.
b.      Natural forces: when the balanced condition is disrupted, natural forces attempt to reverse the condition back to the balanced state by volcanoes, storms, winds and other natural events.
c.       Universal activities: if the balanced condition is damaged beyond repair by the first two balance keepers, a universal activity would be expected. This could be as severe as the destruction of the current planet totally and re-building balanced planet system.  An example for such event can be another planet or large meteor taking off its orbit and hitting to Earth. Once the planet together with all the life on it is destroyed, a new planet would be formed and life would emerge from the genetic codes hidden within tiny mineral particles. The evolution would start working to create the original creatures whose genetic codes were saved.  This is the life cycle of planets and fundamental life cycle of galaxies in the universe.  Just like living things, galaxies are born, live their life spans expanding and they eventually die out exploding.
              3.      Bond among livings:
a.      All living things are connected through the original DNA codes. 
b.      Evolution: different life forms can be formed from the same genetic code through Evolution.  Life starts as tiny micro-organisms and they evolve towards establishing the original lives that were once existed in the original balance system.  The purpose is to establish the optimal balance condition and to do that the same life forms are aimed to be regenerated through evolution process.  The priority is the survival of the system.
c.       Cycle of life: As one life is lost, it is merged with other life forms.  As it was once said “nothing can be destroyed and nothing can be created from nothing.”  If Einstein was right, how could a life be destroyed?


Friday, 25 January 2013

Angel Corporations - A Flaw in Globalization


Earth has moved to an era of globalization.  Our lives are dependent on many products supplied by large corporations.  We need TVs, computers, cars, and most of all we need substantial amount of affordable energy.  If we could have it, we would even want to own servants and slaves.  How could so much need be satisfied? How could so many things be supplied for such huge human population on the surface of this earth?
The answer is, perhaps obvious for many, large corporations.  Yes, the corporations that are rich with our money are the answer.  They can certainly afford to supply us all we need, even slaves.  They certainly have desire for it, too.  Perhaps they are some sort of “Angels”.  But all comes with a price; the price that is not just the money but the inherent risks to our planet.
         What if one of these giant corporations turns evil; what happens, then? One morning when you woke up, what if you accidentally found out that one huge corporation has been planning to destroy all humans and end the life.  Can that possibly happen? No, one would think not.  That would not happen because if it happened, media would surely dig it out or investigators of the government agencies would uncover it.  Even the government officials and politicians would find it out.  The corporation would be exposed in one way or another.
How could it be exposed and be stopped?  If a corporation has a plan to take over the world, can media expose it? No, not if the corporation owns the media.  In our era, the media often determines the government in so called democratic systems.  We usually have no choice, but vote for the candidate the media present us as the best option.  And it sometimes happens that all the options presented to the voters are pretty similar in view and policies, but called with different names just like choosing a snack of french fries or fried potatoes.  It would matter none and does make no difference to the end result for what is being chosen.
If there is one or more of the large media organizations that the corporation does not own, the corporation can certainly buy few of those among the organizations to serve their purpose.  If a good will government declared war against a corporation, it would usually have a short life in governing.  The media would find a way to collapse those who get in the way of the corporate success.


Risk of Monopoly - Free Market System

Once there was a happy town living an easy lifestyle in harmony and comfort. People could buy anything they needed in their town. When they went out for shopping, there were many shops to check around for quality and good price. They could also often get a bit of discount due to the competitive free market system in their town.
One day, a new shop opened in the town. It looked nice, with modern internal decorations. They had many varieties of products. The prices in this shop were very low, almost half the price of any other shop. People were wondering how this shop could afford to keep the prices so low. The curiosity created some doubts at first but the doubts just flitted through people’s mind in a short time. They quickly developed a habit of shopping in this shop. Success for this shop was imminent. Other shops could not compete with it, and they soon closed down one by one. The town’s farmers and small-scale producers who sold their products in other shops all went bankrupt. This new shop was bringing the goods from somewhere else out of the town, somewhere nobody knew. By time, there was no production in the town. This was the only shop for the residents. Gradually, the shop increased the prices. The prices eventually became much more expensive than what they used to pay before this shop had come. Since this was a free market system, there was nothing to do to change the conditions. They had to live with the consequences of their choices. Soon, the market stopped bringing the good quality items. Since this was the only shop in town, residents had no choice but pay the high price for the poor quality products. Most of these products wouldn't even find any customer for any price at other cities. For the residents of this town, it was not easy to go somewhere else for shopping because the closest town was five hundred miles away. The town got poorer, and their lifestyle turned in to misery while the unknown shop owner, or perhaps owners, got richer and richer in the ideal system called free market of the capitalism.
The system established in our societies around the world worked well, or so it seemed, for many years. Nobody imagined this could happen. One Evil Corporation wants to slay humans on Earth. Could it be predicted what the world would be like in the future? How many of us could imagine a civilization on a planet far away could manipulate us with our own systems, our own rules, laws on our own planet and change our lives completely. Everything we knew in life would change, perhaps would be lost forever before we even notice.