Thursday, 24 January 2013

Are We Really Free? Do You Believe You Control Your Life? Are the choices in life real or fake?

Let’s just put aside our physical requirements to be able to live, such as breathing, or being born whether anyone likes it or not, and think about the actual way of life. Otherwise, there couldn't be any creature that could be classified as free.  In life, how many people think that they are really free and they control their own life?  Can you decide not to go to school tomorrow, or not to go to work? If yes, what do you think is the percentage of people on the planet who has that freedom?  I believe the percentage of free people is less than 5%.  If people didn't do that, the life could be problematic.  It is not just about the work or school.  In many developed countries of so called democracies, there are only 2 major parties to vote for.  Even though some people may not prefer any of them, but just needs to decide which one would be less damaging for their country.  Is this a real choice, or just illusional choice?  When we make choices, how often the options are real?  If one of them obviously “better” than the others at the time of choice, do you really have a choice to choose?
Is the freedom in the modern world an illusion?  Or, is it just a feeling of satisfaction in life that we consider freedom?
I just wonder how many people are still feeling free and how many feels in charge of their lives?

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