Friday, 25 January 2013

Angel Corporations - A Flaw in Globalization


Earth has moved to an era of globalization.  Our lives are dependent on many products supplied by large corporations.  We need TVs, computers, cars, and most of all we need substantial amount of affordable energy.  If we could have it, we would even want to own servants and slaves.  How could so much need be satisfied? How could so many things be supplied for such huge human population on the surface of this earth?
The answer is, perhaps obvious for many, large corporations.  Yes, the corporations that are rich with our money are the answer.  They can certainly afford to supply us all we need, even slaves.  They certainly have desire for it, too.  Perhaps they are some sort of “Angels”.  But all comes with a price; the price that is not just the money but the inherent risks to our planet.
         What if one of these giant corporations turns evil; what happens, then? One morning when you woke up, what if you accidentally found out that one huge corporation has been planning to destroy all humans and end the life.  Can that possibly happen? No, one would think not.  That would not happen because if it happened, media would surely dig it out or investigators of the government agencies would uncover it.  Even the government officials and politicians would find it out.  The corporation would be exposed in one way or another.
How could it be exposed and be stopped?  If a corporation has a plan to take over the world, can media expose it? No, not if the corporation owns the media.  In our era, the media often determines the government in so called democratic systems.  We usually have no choice, but vote for the candidate the media present us as the best option.  And it sometimes happens that all the options presented to the voters are pretty similar in view and policies, but called with different names just like choosing a snack of french fries or fried potatoes.  It would matter none and does make no difference to the end result for what is being chosen.
If there is one or more of the large media organizations that the corporation does not own, the corporation can certainly buy few of those among the organizations to serve their purpose.  If a good will government declared war against a corporation, it would usually have a short life in governing.  The media would find a way to collapse those who get in the way of the corporate success.


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