Friday, 15 February 2013

Asteroids - A Balancing Act of the Nature



Recent asteroid rains in Russia has injured many people.

The term nature in my view includes the structure of the entire universe, not only a planet's local activities and surroundings. Given the context of the nature, the movements of the planets, stars, and small meteors in the universe, weather conditions in any planet are considered as natural phenomena or natural events.

There was a strong purpose in natural events, and this purpose was to preserve and to protect the optimal balance state in the universe. For the nature, its purpose has always been the top priority, and anything else is the secondary in importance. In order to preserve the existence of the universe in the original state, the key has always been the optimal balance state in the universe, in the condition of the individual planets and stars.

Since the natural phenomena have the most crucial role to preserve the balance, it would be normal that the nature would have the super powers to perform and to serve for its own duty. Whenever there becomes a situation of imbalance or leading toward the imbalance, nature would take control by performing necessary actions, which could be very drastic for all creatures depending on the level of change in the balance. These actions could be as simple as just a few light rains or some snow, but they could also be strong storms, flooding, volcanic eruptions, large-scale freeze of open oceanic water, large scale melting of ice, or crashing large meteors and even planets to destroy and re-built the balance system. Natural events are like repairs and fixations for the problems. It is similar to human situation when one gets sick, needing a surgery, the person would go to the doctor and get surgery. We do that even if we often know it is a painful process, but it is necessary to reduce the pain in the long run and may even extend our life span. Natural events can also be painful and even disastrous for the locations that they occur, but it is a reformation process, fixation of a damaged part, and a refreshing action for the global balance.

Full explanation of theory, flaws in the theories of Big Bang and Evolution are in the Theory of Origin chapter in Puppet Corporation. 


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